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POWERGUARD is made of 1/16" injection molded food grade poly propylene plastic, and comes with a 5 year U.V. protection guarantee, as well as a 30 day money back guarantee.

The propagating lid - (12" DIA. X 8" X 6" H) is designed to break heavy rain or hail into controlled watering as well as allow for proper ventilation and bee pollination. The lid also keeps predators such as deer, raccoons, etc. from feeding on your plants. The lid is removed when the plant reaches a healthy 14 inches.

The base - (12" DIA. X 8" DIA. X 12" H) is designed to protect the plant from preditors as well as providing a greenhouse environment for all garden plants and seeds.

The 2 inch "fingers" at the base of the POWERGUARD allows the roots to travel outside of the base, as well as providing proper drainage.

When POWERGUARD is inserted 4 inches into the earth or growing pail, POWERGUARD will retain 1/2" of rain or water, slowly releasing the water to the roots which promotes strong healthy root development. As the soil conditions become drier, you can pull POWERGUARD up an additional 1 inch to retain up to 1 1/2" of water. This is especially important in dry conditions where even a heavy rainfall will just run off and not saturate the soil. Excess water runs out of the overflow slots.

POWERGUARD pre-heats the soil inside of it, which reduces transplant shock from 2 weeks to approximately 3 days, depending on weather conditions, thereby giving your plants a healthy head start. We guarantee POWERGUARD will increase yield, growth and strength of any garden plant. POWERGUARD allows you to get a head start on your garden without having a worry about hungry deer or rodents chewing down your plants, or light frost damage, U.V. rays, wind, heavy rain or hail. It can also be used indoors to protect your plants from your pets. Place it over your rose bushes in the fall and stuff with dry leaves to protect your dormant plants from extreme wind and cold.

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